New Track: Thinking About It (Let It Go) KVR Remix – Nathan Goshen

Nathan Goshen Let it Go

Dutch producer KVR takes on Israeli pop star Nathan Goshen’s emotional track Thinking About It (Let It Go), dropped last Friday via Scandinavian label disco:wax.

Already a roaring success in his home country, named Man of The Year and Singer of The Year by one of Israel’s biggest national radio stations, Nathan Goshen’s first two albums went GOLD; a success crowned by winning ‘Composer of the Year’ in 2011 from non-profit rights corporation ACUM. Now, via a bedroom in Holland, 14-year-old KVR is taking Goshen’s music to the international stage; and with a little help from disco:wax he looks set to take the world by storm.

After stumbling across the teenager’s first rough version of the remix on Soundcloud, Alexander Ash of disco:wax – which is home to the likes of rising star Tobtok – explains that “this track just made me stop. So I reached out to him and found out he was only 14. We had to contact his parents…then we got in contact with Nathan’s people to introduce the remix to them.”

KVR discovered the original single, written and composed by Nathan Goshen, which has racked up close to 1 million hits on YouTube since its release last summer, and first created the remix on Fruity Loops with nothing but his own personal computer.

Combining a 14-year-old’s abundant natural ability, and building upon Goshen’s overwhelming success in his home country, the remix of Thinking About It (Let It Go) looks set to cement them both as one’s to watch on the international stage.

KVR‘s version of Thinking About It (Let it Go) is now available on iTunes.


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