New Track: Pass Me By – Jovel


I have another smooth R&B number, in the form of Pass Me By, coming from singer and rapper JOVEL. The single is coming from his debut EP The Void, out next month.

Featuring a brooding yet soulful/trap arrangements, ‘Pass Me By’, a song that firmly focuses on depression and suicide. The four-minute production is a great insight into the four-track set as it further touches on the aforementioned issues and also covers topics such as addiction, loneliness and emptiness. With the newcomer’s hard-hittingly raw delivery, the project flips between waves of alternative R&B, soul, pop and hip-hop.


The singer and rapper aims to make his new EP as interactive and engaging as possible. Unveiled in 15 second episodes on his Instagram account, JOVEL will broadcast The Void: An Instagram Movie, a compilation of completely fresh footage that interlink the EP’s tracks and videos together. Released fortnightly, each cut will continue a story that develops throughout the campaign, giving his fans the chance to interact with the Londoner directly.

The Void EP is all set for released on 20th June…but for now, listen to Pass Me By


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