Song of the Day: Inside – Pure Order (ft. Prince PO – Organized Konfusion)

God’s Gift and N-fa’Nit – aka hip-hop duo PURE ORDER – made their entry on NEW LEASE MUSIC and dropped their latest track,’Inside’ featuring Prince Po. Coming from their new album, ‘Sword of Élan Vitál’, the thought-provoking number has that perfect balance of elevated lyrical prowess – that’s entertaining as well as enlightening – with attention grabbing, innovative beats.

Hailing of California, God’s Gift  has been featured on the Lootpack’s ‘Soundpieces: Da Antidote’ album. His solo song on the Loot-pack’s ‘Lost Tapes’ mixtape,’Antidote to Da Anti-Dope,’ is what inspired the Soundpieces title and theme song. He also has a solo single, ‘Deleting Programs,’ on Kan kick’s “From Artz Un-known” album.

Also from California, N-fa’Nit is one serious lyrical athlete. From hardly any media presence, the video for her first single “Nefertiti the First” earned over 50k likes and the respect of many great MCs, DJs and producers such as Blame One, Wildchild, 2 Mex, and others along with the world-renowned MCs featured on the EP.

‘The Sword of Élan Vitál,’ or Sword of Infinite Life Force, represents the rare quality of mental bravery that it takes to see truth and be creative enough to use it as the ultimate tool of survival.

Serious hip-hop heads,include the pair in your radar as they’re on serious fire…time to sample ‘Inside.’

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