Yacks Drops Nostalgic Hip-Hop, ‘Bizzack’ Featuring Ayamron

London rapper YACKS links up with Madrid native Ron to deliver a soulful, old school, slow bounce single ‘Bizzack’. Slang for the word back, ‘Bizzack’ signifies that the duo are here to stay. The chemistry between them is really evident after just 30 seconds of listening to the single.

Creative mastermind Ron has been producing for over a decade and music is hereditary for him. His father once opened a show for Michael Jackson, so this explains how effortlessly Ron made this instrumental that caters to Yacks’ style and delivery perfectly. Yacks is also a creative mastermind, who has acted in several films internationally such as ‘Red Devil’, ‘Brian’ and ‘Balcony’. To add to this, they both co-host a podcast called ‘Young but Grown’ on which they discuss several topics.

Expect many more timeless singles from this dynamic duo as they climb up the industry ladder into domination…check out ‘Bizzack’ below…

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