Doug Ferony Get Us In The Mood For Xmas, With ‘Jingle Bells’

As it’s just over two weeks to Christmas, I thought I’ll sparkle some festive magic here on NEW LEASE MUSIC…and to help us to reignite that spirit of goodwill, is singer DOUG FERONY, who re-released his version of a classic we all know – and perhaps very fond of… ‘Jingle Bells.’

The American crooner puts a cheerful big band feel to the Christmas song, possessing a vocal range similar to big band favourites, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, which really gives the two-minute production a classy and perhaps a golden Hollywood glow.

Doug Ferony’s version of ‘Jingle Bells’ is originally from his 2007 festive album, appropriately titled, ‘It’s Christmas’. The 11 track-album features even more Christmas classics such as ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’, ‘Let It Snow’, and ‘Jingle Bell Rock.’ Ferony pulls out all the stops to create that perfect family gathering at Xmas, through his smooth croons which works perfectly in unison with the upbeat live instrumentation.

So get a taste of Ferony’s album, ‘It’s Christmas’ by listening to ‘Jingle Bells’ below…

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