Christopher The Grey Encourages Us To Be Our True Selves In Single, ‘Oh My Damn!’

The immediately catchy melodies introduce Alabama rapper CHRISTOPHER THE GREY‘s new single, ‘Oh My Damn!’ which gives a taste of what is to come from his forthcoming album, ‘The Departure.’ Released in May via 3rd Child Records, it features his magnetic self-assurance and swag that’s so evident that you immediately take notice once he scorches the mic.

With the success of his previous release, ‘So Hot,’ featuring Snoop Dogg, Christopher The Grey is hoping to keep the hype going and continues to drop his neo-old school style unique flow in this latest authentic piece.

‘Oh My Damn!’ is Christopher’s most honest work to date. He states,”Look, this is who I really am. Maybe you had things confused but now you know. I want people to feel it’s okay to be who they are and know it’s cool. Most of my music is based on my life and experiences, nothing over the top, just everyday life. I want people to feel that it’s okay to live everyday life, and most of the time, it’s not glamorous and extravagant. The fun is in making the memories and living. So do some things that make you say, Oh My Damn!”

Have a listen below…

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