Song of the Day: Better Days (Remix) – James Favron (ft. LTtheMonk)

Multi-talented singer and rapper JAMES FAVON currently finds himself thriving in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, where his love for hip-hop, street fashion, and dreaming big have been revived following years of personal hardships that needed to be endured and ultimately, overcame, in order to truly find himself as an artist.

Favron’s newest single remixes his track ‘Better Days,’ featuring a verse from fellow Hamiltonian LTtheMonk. The duo intentionally kept the musical backdrop as simple as possible, while giving it enough movement and build to not get boring. Keeping it to the same chord progression front-to-back gave them the opportunity to play with their lyrics in the verses and allow the words to move the listener along rather than the chords.

Watch the official video for ‘Better Days’ (Remix) below…


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