Song of the Day: Smoke Signals – Fevapres

True hip-hop heads: go check today tune, Smoke Single by FEVAPRES. Track is the first release from the upcoming project, Jhanna. Melbourne duo Fevapres and Ardor are not the typical Mc/Producer outfit. Coming together from very different musical backgrounds, the two have found a common ground in which, while being rather unique re-visits those ol’ familiar elements. Fevapres best describes the sound as “A trip down memory lane laced with the futures effects”. Producer Ardor comes from a diverse background inspired by artists varying from Björk to Sun Ra to the heavier realm with groups like Animals As Leaders.. Fevapres, on the other hand, brings you more of a recognizable feel (for Hip Hop heads) being influenced primarily by The NOTORIOUS B.I.G and KENDRICK LAMAR  while also citing Jazz and Nu Soul amongst his ever growing motif . His lyrical content, while rich in originality and wit, has a certain vulnerability at times, enabling a deep, fervent, even poignant level of connection with listeners. Already piquing interest in the local underground scene, after the release of Smoke Signals, the duo are fusing their talents and experience together to bring a distinct sound and soul to which the you can simply press play, sit back, listen and be taken on a personal journey uninterrupted, or rather, be immersed in your own personal Jhanic experience.