New Track: Good Girl – Gena Perala

GENA PERALA releases a haunting new single and visuals for ‘Good Girl’ today, which marks the new chapter in her musical journey – and the departure from her last album (Exactly Nowhere, 2014): Perala trades in her piano for a synthesizer and a drum machine. The result is a synthed-up, down-tempo production that flirts with pop elements.

With a voice that is both heartwarming and chilling, Perala creates a style all her own – soft yet strong. “The song is about an abusive relationship and ultimately how every day my friend stayed in this relationship, it was killing her,” Perala explains. “But it’s important to understand how complicated and wrapped up in our past these situations are, so the song is also about the enabling that went on with the abuse and then my own helplessness and anger around men fucking with women, especially when those women are my best friends.”

The accompanied visual is an eerie depiction of the artist floating in water surrounded by darkness and at times drowning. Dancers writhing underneath fabric represent the relationship eliciting visuals as unnerving as they are interesting.

‘Good Girl’ is the first of a string of releases Perala plans for 2018, with long-time producer Chris Gestrin – so expect some intensely honest lyrics that will take you on a journey through a seamless fusion of genres, creating dark melodies.

Check out the video for ‘Good Girl’.


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