Song of the Day: Roll One & Drop – Blunder

Roll One and Drop Blunder

I would like to welcome back this SUPER (and I really mean super) talented rapper BLUNDER with his latest track, Roll One & Drop.

Last August, his off-the-chart mixtape Dorm Sessions was reviewed on NEW LEASE MUSIC. If you haven’t listen to the mixtape, I REALLY suggest you should find the time and have a blast – because this teenager is one of the reasons why I love discovering fresh talent.

For now listen to the smoother-than-velvet Roll One & Drop – after listening to this track, I guarantee it that you don’t need to roll up to chill out! Are you loving BLUNDER? Connect with him @IAmBlunder.

Review: Blunder – Dorm Sessions


1. Rain Dance (Prod. Kno)
2. Kill Em With The Beat (prod. Nick Wisdom)
3. Faith (prod J. Dilla)
4. No Sense (prod.  DA)
5. Scottie Pippen Freestyle (prod. The Alchemist)
6. Mean Something (prod. Freddie Joachim)
7. Look of Love (prod. j.Dilla)
8. Be Like Them (Prod. Dot)
9. AFO (prod. Kan Kick)
10. That’s Definitely Marijuana (prod. Loopnuts)
11.  Fuck You (prod. Freddie Joachim)
12. All Night Freestyle (prod. Lord Finesse )
13. The Hard Way (prod. Freddie Joachim)
14. Crew Love (prod. TephLon
15. Timeless (prod J. Dilla)

After working on his mixtape (in a dorm room), from November 2012 to March of this year, hip-hop upriser BLUNDER now presents Dorm Sessions. In his bio the New Yorker said there’s no concept to the mixtape – just a ‘complications of tracks that come of out those late night recordings’. Dorm Sessions is definitely a personal roller-coaster journey that life presents. There are lyrics full of love (especially for hip-hop), hate, fear, hope and uncertainty stretched over this 15-track production. It’s been quite a journey for the teenage unsigned rapper as he was diagnosed with a form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma called mediastinal large B cell, and he is currently undergoing chemo treatment.

His battle with the disease is documented in Rain Dance and Look of Love. These tracks deserve to be heard as beyond the personal journey, there are some undeniably dope beats topped BLUNDER’s faultless flow.

If you haven’t heard of this guy’s material, take time out and listen to the mixtape as there some seriously cool (and may I add very relatable) tracks that can become favourites in an instant (to be honest, it was a struggle to find my star song!) In Mean Something, hip-hop upriser raps about his upbringing and relationship with parents over a superfly, old school-inspired beats.

Dorm Sessions certainly don’t end in anticlimax as it takes on the love theme with super slick tracks All Night, Crew Love and SLUM-VILLAGE influenced  Timeless. In these tracks, you really get to witness and appreciate this guy’s second-to-none flow that perfectly grooves into each production.

In a nutshell, from start to finish, Dorm Sessions is absolutely wicked – a MUST listen. It’s been a rocky journey for BLUNDER to produce this mixtape – but with these well-polished tracks, it must have been worth the bumpy ride.