Song of the Day: Quitter Pari$ – Jon Baptxte

jon Baptxte

Today’s super slick track is from French hip-hop artist JON BAPTXTE. The four-minute banger explains his decision to leave his hometown Paris to venture out to London City. The track was written while this conscious emcee was in transit, on his way back from his holiday in Martinique.

Hear his story, check out the single.

EP Review: Work With Me – Workerz

workersz EP cover

Work with Me EP is the third release within a year from French producer  Jean-Patrick Simonetti, better known as WORKERZ.

Released late last month Simonetti, who formerly made one half of experimental dance group Les Petits Pilous, cleverly give Detroit-style (and almost tribal) club bangers that bold, hip-hop attitude with the help from (and well executed) by rappers  Gita and Adian Coker.

We may be in winter now, but this four-track package serves well to brighten up those dark nights.

Work With Me is now available via iTunes.

Must Listens: No Witnesses (Workerz Remix) – watch the video.