Song of the Day: Get It – Wanda

Wanda - Get it

Today’s song is Get It by UK rapper WANDA. Track is coming from his  mixtape, Welcome to WandaLand released earlier this month.

Originally from Leicester, this North London emcee was previously featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC with  All We Got, featuring Aimee Pace and, Had a Dream,  the remix of TE and 6IX’s track.

Now he returns with a bombastic track – accompanied with equally bombastic video! Check it out!

Star Song: Had a Dream – Wanda

Today’s song is Had A Dream by WANDA. The track is the remix of TE and 6IX latest single of the same name.

This UK rapper was featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC back in July with his super smooth track All We Got (feat. Aimee Pace). Now he’s back with his latest track that is equally super smooth. You know what I’m going to say…HAVE A LISTEN!

If you want to hear more of this upriser, head over to his SoundCloud page….and once you get there, its well worth listening to the track I Need to Know with SIMON PEREIRA (highly recommended!)