British R&B singer/songwriter, SIMON PEREIRA has released his first ever music video to his track, Superficial -TODAY – so be sure to check it out -#mustee. The new music video commemorates the launch of the talented artist’s Youtube channel.

Star Song: Had a Dream – Wanda

Today’s song is Had A Dream by WANDA. The track is the remix of TE and 6IX latest single of the same name.

This UK rapper was featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC back in July with his super smooth track All We Got (feat. Aimee Pace). Now he’s back with his latest track that is equally super smooth. You know what I’m going to say…HAVE A LISTEN!

If you want to hear more of this upriser, head over to his SoundCloud page….and once you get there, its well worth listening to the track I Need to Know with SIMON PEREIRA (highly recommended!)

I’m totally in love with: Remember – Simon Pereira


Remember this name – SIMON PEREIRA – because I have a sneaky feeling that this guy will be very popular!

The British R&B singer has just uploaded his song, Remember on SoundCloud a day ago (21 June) –and the response across the net has been crazy! Not a bad response for a first single!

Remember possess the West Londoner’s signature sound which is a rather unique blend of R&B, soul and indie – and I have to say it’s just the perfect introduction to this talented artist. Remember is a laid back, dreamy, production that will get you in the mood (if you know what I mean!) PEREIRA‘s vocals may not be strongest, but it very pure, angelic and best of all timeless. It just goes to show that a singer doesn’t need a powerful voice to make a hit song!

 Have a listen to Remember and tell me your thoughts on this song – answers below please!