Song of the Day: Cosmic Girl – Kyle Lettman

Kyle Lettman Cosmic Girl

Today’s song is the electrifying Cosmic Girl by UK’s hot property KYLE LETTMAN. The bad-boy track is from his upcoming album, Access, out on 16th March.

This urban artist from London paved the way for British music in the US with pop band, FDM. He found success when he struck a deal with Geffen Records, the home of KEYSHIA COLE and MARY J BLIGE, and performed throughout the US and Europe.

Now check out Cosmic Girl – this R&B/EDM track just shows that he deserves his place at Geffen Records. Check out the dance move – real smooth!

connect with him @KyleLettman

British R&B singer/songwriter, SIMON PEREIRA has released his first ever music video to his track, Superficial -TODAY – so be sure to check it out -#mustee. The new music video commemorates the launch of the talented artist’s Youtube channel.

Review: Romaine Dixon – Lost In It All

Romaine Dixon

1. Only One
2. Perfect Stranger
3. Wanting More
4. Guilty (Extended Version)
5. Private Dancer
6.  Live Better

There are some singers that are way too good to be left by the waste side – and ROMAINE DIXON is one of them. I featured  this R&B singer/songwriter/dancer recently here on NEW LEASE MUSIC with her knockout performance of the track Wanting More – which is one of her release from her debut EP Lost In It All, out today.

This six-track EP is bursting with R&B pop and dance numbers, topped off by the South Londoner’s well- crafted songwriting – and rich soulful vocals. Lost In It All features sultry tracks Only One and Private Dancer which shows that this all-round entertainer has all the right ingredients to make it AND Stay in the music business. The EP just keeps getting better, as ROMAINE DIXON effortlessly rocks to the high-energy club track Guilty, but the star track of the EP is Live Better. From a very young age, the 20 year old has been perfecting her singing, song writing and dancing and Live Better documents her journey and determination of becoming a creditable artist. An absolute must listen.

Over the past year, ROMAINE DIXON has performed at the Olympic Stadium as well as various gigs around London. Judging from this album, it won’t be long that she will perform beyond her hometown and become a firm fixture in the charts.