British R&B singer/songwriter, SIMON PEREIRA has released his first ever music video to his track, Superficial -TODAY – so be sure to check it out -#mustee. The new music video commemorates the launch of the talented artist’s Youtube channel.

Star Song: Romaine Dixon – Wanting More

Let me introduce you to ROMAINE DIXON – the one to watch. This talented UK R&B/pop songstress delivers her latest track, Wanting More through Dropout UK TV – have a listen.

So what do you think? Does this unsigned artist leave you wanting more? Follow her on Facebook and connect with her on Twitter (@RomaineDixon). As always, keep your eyes peeled on NEW LEASE MUSIC for future tracks.

Star Song: Richie Ashwin –Eyes On Me

Richie Ashwin - All Eyes On Me

RICHIE ASHWIN is back with another stunning production, Eyes On Me.  Last month, I had the pleasure of reviewing this British R&B artist’s self-titled EP, which are 5 tracks of atmospheric R&B with a little dubstep and hip-hop/trip-hop.

Produced by Anthony Young, Eyes On Me feature that trademark of atmospheric R&B, where this talented Londoner switches from smooth vocals to an even cooler freestyling – what a treat!

Here’s your chance to listen to Eyes On Me. Have you heard his debut EP? If not, get your skates on and listen to it here.

Star Song: Closure – Activist

Today’s song is from UK upcoming rapper ACTIVIST, who is part of a group called CMF & SWC (Cave Man Family & Slaves Without Chains). The Londoner has been rapping for eight years but didn’t take it seriously until after he was stabbed for the third time. Since then things are definitely looking up for ACTIVIST: he has been working with producer LZ on his current album, The Year of the Antagonist (watch this space for a review!) and he’s currently in talks with a reputable publishing company. To add to the success, his music has been played on numerous music channels including Daily Grime and Spiff TV. Best of all, famous musicians are talking  about his work!

His latest offerings, Closure is about an interracial relationship that goes wrong due to family intervention. Featuring Lifford, who sang on ARTFUL DODGER’s Please Don’t Turn Me On, Closure is a super smooth track that gets you hooked on first listening – so it’s not hard to see why reputable musicians are sitting up and taking notice of this hip-hop upriser! Go on, have a listen for yourself – and I guarantee you that it won’t be the last time you hear of this young rapper!

Review: Richie Ashwin –Richie Ashwin


1. Glass Heart
2. Hold Your Breath
3. Until We Bleed (Ft. Lykke Li)
4. Chasing Summer
5. Dear Ex

Blessed with good looks, you could say that RICHIE ASHWIN could easily fit in a manufactured boy band. But beyond the mesmerising exterior, lies some serious (and I mean serious) talent that definitely is too good for any mainstream group (sorry!)

The British singer, songwriter and producer recently released his self-titled EP on SoundCloud and so far he has developed a fan base particularly in Chicago! This five track album offers atmospheric R&B infused with an element of dubstep and hip-hop, coupled with lyrics that exposed pure love, lust and some serious heartache (man, who hurt this guy!)

Ever wondered what atmospheric R&B sounds like? Listen to Glass Heart. If you’re unfamiliar with Ashwin’s work, Glass Heart is the perfect introduction, as the second you hear this Londoner’s cool and collected vocals, you’ll realise that this guy means business!

Well, I thought Glass Heart was an eyebrow-raising moment for me, until I heard Hold Your Breath. As I was enjoying the oh- so-smooth vocals, Ashwin suddenly breaks into an equally soothing rap – I was surprised, pleasantly surprised! To top it off, I was exposed to more of his casual-rapping style in Until We Bleed and dubstep-infused Chasing Summer. It suddenly dawned on me that Ashwin is not just a talented singer/songwriter, but a super fly rapper that could easily make it in the mainstream.

The EP ends with a high with the hip-hop infused Dear Ex where you really appreciate this multi-talented guy as a rapper. As I said before, this is an excellent introduction to this artist – I think I’ve witnessed a birth of a star…DRAKE, move over!

I’m begging you, have a listen to this EP and rest assured, you’ll enjoyed it as much as I did! If you’re loving the songs –I have good news for you- you can download the entire EP for FREE (yes, free) on SoundCloud!