I’m totally in love with: Remember – Simon Pereira


Remember this name – SIMON PEREIRA – because I have a sneaky feeling that this guy will be very popular!

The British R&B singer has just uploaded his song, Remember on SoundCloud a day ago (21 June) –and the response across the net has been crazy! Not a bad response for a first single!

Remember possess the West Londoner’s signature sound which is a rather unique blend of R&B, soul and indie – and I have to say it’s just the perfect introduction to this talented artist. Remember is a laid back, dreamy, production that will get you in the mood (if you know what I mean!) PEREIRA‘s vocals may not be strongest, but it very pure, angelic and best of all timeless. It just goes to show that a singer doesn’t need a powerful voice to make a hit song!

 Have a listen to Remember and tell me your thoughts on this song – answers below please!

I’m loving this song: Forty (Radar Station Remix) by High/Low

I must have played this track AT LEAST ten times today…but I have to say that this is not the typical work of Lee Yates and Steve Weston aka High/Low. I guess the signature sound of this British duo is straight-up alternative rock – there’s no two ways about it!

With the help of producer Simon Bellamy, these Essex rockers have given one of their offerings Forty (let’s say) an electronic treatment – and I have to say it sound so DAMN GOOD!!!! These guys started out in late 2011 and they already have two EPs under their belt. So if you like the sound of the remixed Forty, all of their music is available on Bandcamp.

There’s no sign of High/Low slowing down…..their debut full-length album is coming very soon… to get the real taste ofthe band, here’s the album teaser: