Review: Sir Basstoven EP

Sir basstoven EP
Devon Burch – aka – SIR BASSTOVEN has just dropped his latest offering in a form of his debut self-titled EP.

Tracks Clarity, Outta Control and Hope were previously featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC and they sure give a curious insight into the 14 track production….dig a little deeper and this producer lay it all on the table, providing the grittiest and the rawest form of dubstep. A strong potential to be a hit for lovers of this club filling genre.

Sir Basstoven EP is now available on iTunes and Beatport…check it out.

#TheMustListens: Diligence, Fallen Angel, RawStep, Rowdy!, Pressing Buttons.

New Release: Hope – Sir Basstoven

Dubsteppers, here’s a REAL treat for you! Top-class producer SIR BASSTOVEN has just released his latest effort, Hope…and here’s the REALLY good news, you can download  it for FREE!

If you’re feeling this track, be sure to check out his alter ego FLY VON latest release, Stay.