Song of the Day: Hype Kills – Amir Driver

Amir Driver hype kills

Today’s track is Hype Kills, the eight and final episode of Sneaks Is Watching miniseries by AMIR DRIVER.

Sneaks is Watching is an 8 episode visual depiction of his concept  latest EP, The Sneak Tape. The latest project gives viewers and listeners a detailed insight into 24 hours as a dedicated sneaker enthusiast.  Shot by Barry “Bphresh” Bryant of Phresh Films, the episodes follow Driver as he pursues a brand new coveted release.  Each song plays as a score for a single episode, documenting the events taking place throughout Driver’s day, as he narrates us through the series.

The watch entire series, head right here.

To download The Sneak Tape EP, head over to iTunes.

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