Song of the Day: The Snow Is Falling – Cliff Lothar

If you love club music, raise your hands, cos I have a real treat for you. Check out today track, The Snow Is Falling by  CLIFF LOTHAR. The track is coming from his new EP, Old Jams Die Hard #1, which is a bunch of misfit old jams and throwaways.

In early 2013, the techno/dance upcoming maestro seemingly appeared out of thin air with the White Savage EP, released on legendary Dutch label Viewlexx.  His debut offerings quickly gained widespread support and has been charted by people as diverse as John Talabot, Delta Funktionen and Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

Lothar’s follow-up EP was released on the Swedish techno label Skudge White and has been instantly described as ‘sinister, dark and funky’. More recently, a collaboration with the ubiquitous Legowelt under the name Pagan Sector resulted in the rave-techno-deephouse hybrid EP entitled Hermopolis Magna, released on Amsterdam upstart Knekelhuis.

Never the one to hide away in the studio, Cliff has raised the roof in venues such as Panorama Bar, Have a Nice Day, NuMusic and Batofar, to undercover spots like Bargain, Humboldthain and Intergalactic FM Festival.

This guy is ON POINT and it’s well worth checking out his past work…but for now, have a bash at The Snow Is Falling.


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