New Music Video: Round & Round Parallax (ft. Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples)

Encapsulating a hybrid sound intertwining hard-hitting hip-hop with soul and substance PARALLAX releases ‘Round and Round’ featuring Rakaa Iriscience.

Concocting a contemporary twist whilst paying homage to the stylistic essence of old school hip-hop through its overlaying of samples and breakbeats ‘Round and Round’ binds together a feel-good essence that radiates from its core.

Bridging the gap between cultures the music video is shot on both sides of the pond; London and La with rap legend Rakaa Iriscience from the iconic group Dilated Peoples. Evoking a nostalgic vibes-a-plenty sound the visuals open with retro video camcorder effect. The juxtaposition of imagery from the UK and the US merge together seamlessly mirroring the fusion of stateside and homegrown hip-hop.

The East London-based rapper and producer has established a name for himself within the UK underground hip-hop scene and he has ventured outside the realms of the United Kingdom and his debut EP “Depth Perception’ sold physical copies in twelve countries. Gaining respect from hip-hop heads he has had co-signs from legends like Raekwon, Mr Scruff, Atmosphere, Lewis Parker and many more. In addition to this he has toured over UK, Europe and Asia and supported the likes of GZA, Lord finesse, Dead Prez and Tha Dogg Pound.

The UK hip-hop scene is flourishing and PARALLAX is amongst the wave of artists that has instilled a level of notoriety within the scene, showcasing the raw talent. Providing a snapshot of what he has to offer in ‘Round and Round’ and before the year comes to an end he will be dropping his debut LP.

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