New Music Video: Daylight – Black Slate

One of the most important UK bands of the 70s and 80s, known best for their hit single ‘Amigo’ which reached number nine in the charts in 1980, BLACK SLATE have returned with new material, a newly augmented line-up and a new live show to reaffirm to fans old and new just why they made such on impact on the British musical landscape!

Featuring original members, Anthony ‘Pure Silk’ Brightly (Keyboards); Chris ‘Music House’ Hanson (Lead/Rhythm Guitar) and Desmond ’Drummy’ Mahoney (Drums/Congo/Percussion) alongside newer cohorts, Colin ’Steam Fish’ McNiesh (Bass) and Jessie ’Energy’ Brade (Vocals) as well as Gaven ‘Magic Voice’ Creary (Vocals), their current single, ‘Daylight’, shows them at the very top of their game!

Their upcoming album, Peaceful Demonstration, is released on the on TCD Records the label named for Tony (Anthony), Chris and Desmond, the original members of the band founded in 1972 in the United Kingdom. After 40 years in the music business, the deep roots reggae band returns with their first full-length album released since 1982.

Black Slate

Formed in Hackney in 1974, BLACK SLATE were the first completely homegrown UK reggae band, utilising their own sound system and dub plates, rather than the traditional method of using existing plates from Jamaica. At a time of huge racial tension and regular clashes between police and the black community, their first single, ‘Sticks Man’, appealed to communities to lead by example, the key lyric being: “If you tief a white, you will tief a black”…a reference to the spate of pickpockets in London at the time.

Taken as an anthem by both black and white communities who felt marginalised by society, the single became a 1976 hit in the UK singles chart, though including sales through non-affiliated reggae stores would have reflected it having sold phenomenal numbers.

Enjoying cross-over success with their hit single and album, Amigo, in 1980, touring with the likes of Peter Tosh and selling out venues likes London’s iconic Rainbow and in countries like Australia and New Zealand, they went on an extended hiatus from the routine and releasing record and endless touring but have now returned, refreshed and as inspired and incisive as ever.

Check out the video for ‘Daylight’ below:

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