Song of the Day: Liquor and Balloons – LeoGYB

Today’s song is Liquor and Balloons, the latest project from Boston-based up-and-coming R&B artist LEOGYB

Song of the Day: What To Say To You – Ballad

What to say to you

Boston-based R&B singer and songwriter BALLAD is back again with another epic track, What To Say To You, the official release of his upcoming EP Suite ’89.

In his latest effort, he speak of his hurt cause by his ex-lover over (surprisingly) an electrifying beat – go ahead and check it out!

To find out more about the smooth indie operator head right here.


Song of the Day: Fight (Remix) – Ballad (Ft. Laterall James)

Ballad fight

Today’s song is Fight, latest single from R&B singer/songwriter BALLAD. The track is coming from his upcoming  EP, Suite’89.

Following the success of his latest project Euphoria, the Boston-based smoothie penned the 3-minute production with up-and-coming emcee and NEW LEASE MUSIC regular LATERALL JAMES. Together the dynamic duo created something that could EASILY become a summer favourite…you don’t believe? Well listen for yourself!

If you’re feeling this super-slick track head over to his Soundcloud page and check out more of his work…also show your appreciation @MrLoveBallad and @IAmLaterallJames.

To hear more of LATERALL JAMES, check out his track, Distance.