Song of the Day: Fight (Remix) – Ballad (Ft. Laterall James)

Ballad fight

Today’s song is Fight, latest single from R&B singer/songwriter BALLAD. The track is coming from his upcoming  EP, Suite’89.

Following the success of his latest project Euphoria, the Boston-based smoothie penned the 3-minute production with up-and-coming emcee and NEW LEASE MUSIC regular LATERALL JAMES. Together the dynamic duo created something that could EASILY become a summer favourite…you don’t believe? Well listen for yourself!

If you’re feeling this super-slick track head over to his Soundcloud page and check out more of his work…also show your appreciation @MrLoveBallad and @IAmLaterallJames.

To hear more of LATERALL JAMES, check out his track, Distance.