Song of the Day: Chocolate Diamond – Big-Ruga (ft Kastilano and Ashyne)

Kastilano Diamond chocoPhilly emcee, KASTILANO continues to dent up the hip-hop game by featuring on BIG RUSTA and ASHYNE double-smooth track.

To check out this upriser’s previous effort with KING PRADA,  A Mother’s Job.


Song of the Day: Mother’s Job – Kastilano & King Prada

Kastilano Mother's Job

Today’s song is for all the mums (nope, correction) SUPERMUMS across the world. Hip-hop duo KASTILANO and KING PRADA return with a thoughtful and heart-felt track, with a real cool 70’s groove.

Connect with these guys @215KKastilano and @King_Prada.

Song of the Day: All About the Money – Kastilano and King Prada

Kastilano All About the Money

Phily rapper KASTILANO  was featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC back in October with his heartfelt track (dedicated to his late mum), Still Dreaming.

This time he join forces with fellow emcee KING PRADA with the catchy, head jerking, All About Money – Check -it-out!  Last time on NEW LEASE MUSIC,  the hip-hop upriser said he wanted to leave ‘a permanent mark’ in the hip hop game. After listening to this track, he’s almost there – he’s GETTING-RIGHT-TO-IT! What you think? Answers below please!

If you’re feeling this track, show your appreciation and connect with him @215kkastilano