New Music Video: NoHardFeelings – William Aston

William Aston - NoHardFeelings

Peeps, go check track NoHardFeelings by  WILLIAM ANSTON. This hip-hop upriser from Philadelphia was recently featured on  Dj Diamond Kuts’ 2013 Freshman Class Mixtape – check-it-out!

But for now enjoy this really cool video – and listen out for his superfly version of MISSY ELLIOTT’s hit The Rain. Connect with him @William_Aston


Song of the Day: This How We Ride (Stick Up) – The Demon$


Today’s song is  This How We Ride (Stick Up) by Philly hip-hoppers  THE DEMON$.  Tracking coming from his upcoming mixtape, Hell on Earth.

It’s worthwhile keeping an eye out for their mixtape, as this track features a seriously angelic and dreamy drive, which is finish off with ridiculously effortless flow – time to check it out!

If you’re feeling This How We Ride (Stick Up) it’s definitely worth visiting their Soundcloud page to check out the out-of-sight, Timbaland-esque tracks. (Umma Have It All – highly recommended!)