New Track: Dig Me Out – A Fragile Tomorrow

A FRAGILE TOMORROW have unleashed their new brand new single ‘Dig Me Out, their first release in nearly three years and the first to feature new drummer Josh Kean as well as former drummer Dominic Kelly in his new role as keyboardist.

Featuring rhythmic kinks of guitar riffs, which gives off a real satisfying soulful affair, the four-minute smasher  – mixed by veteran producer Mitch Easter (R.E.M.) – follows their 2015 album ‘Make Me Over’, which features contributions from Joan Baez, Indigo Girls, and Mark Hart of Crowded House.

Before recruiting Bassist Shaun Rhodes, A FRAGILE TOMORROW started out as a family affair, consisting of brothers Sean (vocalist/guitarist/primary songwriter), Dominic (/drummer/vocalist) and guitarist Brendan Kelly.

‘Dig Me Out’ marks the departure of the band’s experimental trademark, shifting to a more rhythmic-centre sound. I think I’ve found a real diamond here and I think you guys will love it…check them out below: