Song of the Day: Embassy Row – DJ YRS Jerzy (Ft. Malik Ferraud & Chox-Mak)

DJ YRS JERZY and CHOX MAK continue to tear up the studio with thought-provoking, out-of-this-world tracks. This time they teamed up with MALIK FERRAUD for their kick back and chill effort, Embassy Row.

Beats by DR. G from Manchester UK

EP Review: Nobody Listens – Chris Patrick

Chris Patrick Nobody Listens

At beginning of this year CHRI DOLLASIGN released mixtape, S**t Real. Now almost eight months later, he extended the six-track production to a full-length EP, Nobody Listens under the new name, CHRIS PATRICK.

The added tracks (Live from The Living Room, Do Me Wrong and HighLife) boasts a more uptempo bassline where the South Carolina’s artist tighter-than-tight raps pours out pure emotion and passion – he has come a very long way in eight months!

To check out Nobody Listens EP, head right here.

The #MustListens: Live from The Living Room, Do Me Wrong, Forgive Me, I Don’t Mind (S**t Real)

Song of the Day: Stand Alone – Zeno The Ruler


Stand alone - Zeno the Ruler
Have a listen to Today’s song, Stand Alone by ZENO THE RULER.

This hot emcee was last on NEW LEASE MUSIC with her track Just Loose, coming from her mixtape #FuckDatDoe.

If you’re feeling Stand Alone, pop over to her twitter page and say hi @iHoodscholar .

Mixtape Review: Shit Real – Chri Dollasign

Chri Dollasign Shit Real

1.  Dont Mind Prod By Anno Domini Nation
2. Message Prod By Anno Domini Nation
Footprints Prod By Anno Domini Nation
If Anybody Listening 2009
Forgive Me Prod By Anno Domini Nation
Ask For Much Prod By Pusher Productions

South Carolina-based rapper/producer Christopher Lee – better known as CHRI DOLLASIGN by his loyal fans – has dropped his mixtape,  Shit Real under his record label ThaERA Entertainment.

Released earlier this month, this very short (but sweet) mixtape offers some seriously top-notch head-bopping, melodic beats. When you get the chance to sample Shit Real, you’re greeted with the catchy, shoulder-swinging, I Don’t Mind, where this upriser’s vibrant, slightly out-of-time raps (and I mean that respectfully)  completes the track. Message and Footprints offers a more angelic groove which can easily get a load of attention from commercial radio stations. Shit Real finishes on a high with personal favourite Ask For Much, where Chri’s DMX-esque, out-of -beat raps just tops the track.

In just six tracks, this out-of-sight upriser proves that he’s a true contender in the rap game with his well-craft productions…not to mention his out-of-sight raps – can’t wait for the next mixtape! To check out what all the fuss is about, you can check out the Shit Real right here.