serens soya the tunnel
Today’s song  is The Tunnel by SERENA SOYA. Track coming from her EP Illuminated, released 31st of March.

The urban songstress burst onto the music scene in 2013 with her well-received EP Love and War and became quickly known for her straight up, ballsy  delivery of lyrics.

Just check out The Tunnel and listen for yourself. Featuring her infamous truth-be-told and (at times) laugh-out-loud lyrics, this track is a soft explosion of 90’s-inspired drum and bass with a hint of R&B. So If you’re really feeling The Tunnel, it’s worth the visit to iTunes to check out her 7-track EP.

Hi say to her @SerenaSoya



Star Song: Music Out Of Space – Keeping the Faith and Dreggae

Music out of space

Ian Halsall- aka- KEEPING THE FAITH and DREGGAE have teamed up for another hot drum ‘n’ bass number Music Out of Space. The track will be release on Halsall’s new  record label, IDGAF Media Group. There are plans to release the drum ‘n’ bass mix of Flying So High on the label – so watch this space!

While you’re here, check out Flying So High.