New Track: My Reflection – King Washington


KING WASHINGTON beautifully blends vocal harmonies, surprising progressions and blues tinted indie rock. Taking influence of 60s and 70s California folk, the band successfully adds a modern new rock edge, crafting a flavour all of their own.

Comprising of Tyson Kelly (vocals, guitar, keys), George Krikes (guitar, vocals), Billy Lee (bass, vocals) and David Contreras (drums), the band have a natural grace for connecting with each other, with their deep vocal harmonies, soaring guitars and driving drumbeats. The musical collective delivers an exceptionally polished yet intimate live experience, with LA Weekly voting them as one of the top ten live bands.


Their latest album, Potential, found inspiration from pain, growth and acceptance, resulting in their ever evolving sound. This unique blend of folk, indie rock and 60’s soul, has been described as “The New California Sound”.  Leading single My Reflection is evident of this, in it’s cinematic vibes, layered sampled beats and textured soaring harmonies, resulting in flurry of quiet intensity.

KING WASHINGTON’s successes include notable radio adds, opening slots for Arctic Monkeys, Ambrosia and Collective Soul. Potential will be released January 27 worldwide with an accompanied national tour.

For now, have a listen to My Reflection.


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