New Lease Music’s Top Ten Albums of 2016

Malynda Hale

10. Hits & Hittaz – Spike Geez


9. A Band On Hope – A Band On Hope


8. Southern Poetry – Patrick Ladon


7. Life’s Got You Riveted – Oloff


6. When The Crows Come Around – Paleface Junkies

Paleface Junkies album

Check out the full album here.


5. Pieces of Me – Malynda Hale


4. 3Bubble & J. Gray – Pentagon Memoirs


3. Hall Of Fame – Fameos


2. I Find Myself Here – Antonia Redding


  1. The Lost Songs Volume 1 (UK) – Various Artists
  1. Lost Songs vol.1 UKClick here to check out the full album.

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