New Track: London City Anthem – Sonz of Thunder UK

SONZ OF THUNDER UK  are back with the latest single entitled ‘London City Anthem’, out today on  iTunes, Amazon, Spotify  and all major download sites.

The classic reggae number pays homage to the capital.  Despite the recent terror attacks in London Bridge and Finsbury Park, the brothers give a reminder that London is a great place for all to enjoy – without fear. ‘London City Anthem’ also serves as a source of comfort for those who lost their friends and loved ones in the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

‘London City Anthem’ is the third release of the year from the reggae duo. Their promo track, ‘For The City’ (sampled from WSTRN’s hit ‘In2’) received support from, Moody Without Music, The Music Site, Exposed Vocals and The Voice Newspaper (online).

Kicking of 2017 with a bang, track ‘Frontline Testimony’, also received online praises from, The Link Up, Choice For Music FM, Guestlist and many more.

Watch the video for their latest single…and if you like what you hear, catch these guys performing at I Love Jamaica Festival Day this Sunday (30th July). For more details, head right here.


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