Song of the Day: Skepticle – King David

With ambitions to change the landscape of the UK hip-hop scene with his music, emerging artist KING DAVID revealed his debut release, ‘Skepticle’.

Combining melodic synthesizers with a heavy minimal bass line and skippy flow, ‘Skepticle’ is a technically impressive body of work, recorded by David himself in his DIY bedroom studio. In a bid to disconnect himself from a jaded generation, KING DAVID draws on a profound personal agenda, relaying a broken love affair with a girl he initially saw a future with.

The young, London-based artist has always treated every creative aspect of his life as an art form, using his voice to transform pain into an illustrative journey. After losing a close friend in 2016 to a fatal stabbing, KING DAVID decided to remove himself from a life of violence and drugs, and instead choosing to use his voice as an artist to provide a platform for change. Emboldening a young generation, David breaks the mould by swapping violent references for genuine lyrical substance and creative ambition.

He creates his own rules, refusing to succumb to the pressures of fitting in with today’s musical landscape. And with maturity beyond his years and a string of bigger releases to come, this is just the start for the young hip-hop creative….

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