Song of the Day: Hurdy Gurdy – Eazyman

EAZYMAN teleports us back to the 90s with the nostalgic 8bit ringtone inspired, trapped out, 808 skanker ‘Hurdy Gurdy’.

To those who grew up on the classic Nokia mobiles of the 90ʼs, you may find this ‘tongue in cheekʼ hood anthem familiar to the ear. The sound of those 8bit ringtones bleeping away in your pockets were unforgettable and now EAZYMAN has reinvented the unusual classic, giving us an infectious melody and sub rich track that is set to give your system a serious workout. EAZYMAN delivers his catchy, witty, laid back, roadside bars that gel with the beat, creating a certified banger, built for the streets, clubs and all the Go Getters worldwide.

Renowned for his profound work rate, EAZYMAN’s commitment to music is unquestionable and has earned him support from DJ Target (BBC Radio One & 1Xtra), Morgan Keyz (Rinse FM), Toddla T (BBC Radio One), as well as huge online support. 2017 marked a monumental year for the Croydon native who released his weighty twelve track mixtape ‘Eazy Street’ making for a notable stamp on the scene, whilst his recent video for ‘They Donʼt Knowʼ premiered via Link Up TV. He kicked off this year by featuring on Komoʼs ‘Pull Up Remixʼ featuring Double S, Six4 and Klayz and has promised a stellar release schedule for his label Go Getter Music in 2018 and beyond. With Hurdy Gurdy being the first of those and delivering on his promises, EAZYMAN is ensuring his future success in the rap scene.

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