Song of the Day: Anna’s Arcade – Ash Shakur

Illustrator and experimental hip hop artist ASH SHAKUR‘s blissfully witty jam, ‘Anna’s Arcade’, takes you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, via the arcade to play everyone’s favorite video games. Sonically, 8-bit game inspired sounds are woven into a boom bap beat produced by Masked Man, whilst Ash delivers playful bars based around his youth, unrequited love and his video games obsession. Listen out for lots of gamer references, as Ash uses video games as a metaphor for life’s obstacles, as he explains:

“The first verse explains a small part of the music game and how you have to watch out for those bowers! I wanted to draw parallels of life’s challenges to the levels on a video game”. The last verse highlights the theme of, how people play games ie: she’s playing hard to get – or he’s a player. I want Anna’s Arcade to be the place you think about having the most fun. Every time you listen, I want to bring you back to this feeling.”

The south Londoner is known for his leftfield take on hip hop, mixing witty storytelling with smooth melodies and catchy choruses his unorthodox style and flow has won fans across the globe. ‘Anna’s Arcade’ follows previous single Horror Flick’ which was supported by Adidas on Spotify and Indie Shuffle, whilst other tracks. ‘Lead The Way’ (released on Kitsuné Hot Stream), ‘Never Alone’, ‘Nokia’ and ‘Shine’ have courted wide spread media support from BBC 1Xtra, Noisey, Complex UK and Notion.

Ash is also the co-founder of Art Life Central, a collective that expresses creativity and freedom through music and fashion. He aims to inspire people through his vibrant visuals and incorporates this art direction across all of his musical content.

Check out Ash’s vibrant track below…may I take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.

Song of the Day: Past The Evening – Michael Baker

Following singles ‘One God Damn’ and ‘Baby Books’, the Bright-based artist MICHAEL BAKER reveals another piece of empathic songwriting in ‘Past The Evening’ from his forthcoming album, ‘Salt’ out next year.

This time around, not only are we treated to the Anglo-French musician’s serene soundscape, but also his authentic performance style which shows Baker as someone deeply connected to his craft. Sonically rich throughout, ‘Past The Evening’ is connected to one of Baker’s personal life moments.

Speaking of the intimate release, Baker says: “I remember that feeling of listening to vinyl records and how an album can fill a room. In this song I talk about listening to ‘Ring Of Fire’ by Johnny Cash in my university days as it was one of the first vinyls I got at an old charity shop. The music industry can feel like an uphill struggle, but this track is about remembering why I got into music in the first place, a reminder to sow down enough to keep enjoying the process. This song is my realisation that I don’t think I’ll ever stop making music. Maybe not for everyone else, but just for me.”

Check out the lyric video below and sing along to Baker’s nostalgic single…

Song of the Day: Hurdy Gurdy – Eazyman

EAZYMAN teleports us back to the 90s with the nostalgic 8bit ringtone inspired, trapped out, 808 skanker ‘Hurdy Gurdy’.

To those who grew up on the classic Nokia mobiles of the 90ʼs, you may find this ‘tongue in cheekʼ hood anthem familiar to the ear. The sound of those 8bit ringtones bleeping away in your pockets were unforgettable and now EAZYMAN has reinvented the unusual classic, giving us an infectious melody and sub rich track that is set to give your system a serious workout. EAZYMAN delivers his catchy, witty, laid back, roadside bars that gel with the beat, creating a certified banger, built for the streets, clubs and all the Go Getters worldwide.

Renowned for his profound work rate, EAZYMAN’s commitment to music is unquestionable and has earned him support from DJ Target (BBC Radio One & 1Xtra), Morgan Keyz (Rinse FM), Toddla T (BBC Radio One), as well as huge online support. 2017 marked a monumental year for the Croydon native who released his weighty twelve track mixtape ‘Eazy Street’ making for a notable stamp on the scene, whilst his recent video for ‘They Donʼt Knowʼ premiered via Link Up TV. He kicked off this year by featuring on Komoʼs ‘Pull Up Remixʼ featuring Double S, Six4 and Klayz and has promised a stellar release schedule for his label Go Getter Music in 2018 and beyond. With Hurdy Gurdy being the first of those and delivering on his promises, EAZYMAN is ensuring his future success in the rap scene.

Song of the Day: The Gift & The Wound – Matthew De Ver

Serving as a centerpiece of his forthcoming album, ‘Surface Tension (A Tincture for Integrating Shadow)’ MATTHEW DE VER delivers the second R&B track of the day entitled ‘The Gift & The Wound’.

The nostalgic piece gives a snapshot into his teenage years, before the passing of his father – the iconic poet and author Shel Silverstein – over a delicately textured combination of R&B and soul with a boombap vibe.

The video captures Matthew’s Madison, Wisconsin world with an overlay of deeper meaning through urban imagery with nature imagery, offering deep symbolism around such elemental substances as water, stone, wood, and fire.

While you’re here, check out ‘The Gift & The Wound’ – because this guy has some serious talent in him…

Song of the Day: Montreal – Yves and the Talent

Known for their catchy and edgy contribution to folk music coupled with raw story telling, YVES AND THE TALENT have made it to today’s hotspot with single entitled ‘Montreal.’

Drawing some influences from Leonard Cohen and Arcade Fire, the nostalgic piece sees the now Calgary-based frontman, Yves Gravel pays homage to his beloved hometown Montreal after departing the city for many years.

It’s worth a trial; check it out…and if you like what you hear, YVES AND THE TALENT have an EP in the pipeline….