Song of the Day: Change The World – Jamieson (ft. Edmerald)

Described as a storyteller who narrates his life experiences through his music, London-born writer and producer Jamieson JAMIESON, makes his entry on NEW LEASE MUSIC with inspirational single ‘Change The World’. His piano-laced offering aims to make even the most jaded pessimist want to be a better person.

As JAMIESON says: “When I first heard the instrumental for the track, I knew it was a song that I’d have to deliver an uplifting and inspiring message. The main theme of the song is to change the world but I wanted to put the emphasis of having to change as individuals before being able to come together for a greater good. My music is quite biographical and honest I wanted to pen a song that showed what I’ve learned over the years to hopefully inspire others for a better future. This sounds crazy but when I was writing the song I was thinking about if I were to pass away, what message would I want to leave my children or to make them better humans? With that question in mind, that’s how this song was put together.”

‘Change the World’ is the first single from JAMIESON‘s EP, ‘The Light’. Check it out below…

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