Gotobeat lets you go to all their live gigs for a fixed monthly subscription

Gotobeat wants to reimagine the live music experience and has launched its
new subscription service to give fans free access to all their gigs.

A subscription service for live gigs is not only possible but necessary, and this is what Gotobeat has been working on for the past four months. The London-based music tech startup aims to disrupt the experience of going to independent live music gigs, making it easier, more affordable and more accessible for all music lovers.

Gotobeat opens the door to all the live music gigs they organize, as well as to a curated list of
gigs organised by their partner-venues. The service is currently only available in London, and
already counts on the support of 6 of the city’s most well established independent live music
venues (including The Victoria, Fiddlers’ Elbow and Underbelly Hoxton), and 30+ of the best up
and coming artists on the scene.

To start, Gotobeat members will have free access to at least 10 gigs per month and can choose
to go to as many of them as they want. Details such as the date, line-up, and location are made available on the platform from between a month and a week before the gigs are scheduled to
take place, with new shows being announced on a weekly basis. As the subscription base grows
over the next couple of months, the Gotobeat team has pledged to double the number of
monthly gigs offered as well as to offer new locations and music genres.

How does it work:
1. Pick the gig. Fans sign in and browse a list of Gotobeat gigs happening near them,
filtering by time, location and genre. Short snippets of the artists’ latest music is on the
gig page, giving members an easy way to check out their music before the show.

2. Download the free ticket. After they have chosen their favorite gig(s), they follow a
simple process of requesting their “Free Member Ticket”, which is instantly and
conveniently sent to them by email.

3. Enjoy. That’s it. They are all set and ready to go to the venue to enjoy the gig.

“Everybody is into music, but not necessarily into live music. And the reason is simple: going to
a gig is just too complicated. Our mission is to make the process of going to see an artist play
much easier. We want to make live music on-demand and more convenient, whilst keeping the
quality of each gig as high as possible” says Max Busin, Founder and CEO of Gotobeat. “Our
objective is to be able to pay artists better, bring more people to venues and create value for the
entire live music ecosystem”.

Gotobeat is building up a community of music lovers. Through their gigs, they want to create the
opportunity for their members to meet new friends, discover new music and have fun enjoying
great up and coming artists performing.

To get access to Gotobeat and enjoy a first month of the service at £4.99/month, visit their
platform at

And if you are a venue or artist who wants to be an active part of the project, apply on their platform to perform or host a gig.

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