Rapper Wallie The Sensei Drops Track ‘Lamb’, Ahead Of ‘Golden Child’ Mixtape

California rapper WALLIE THE SENSEI continues his recent hot streak with a luxurious, emotional new single, ‘Lamb,’ out yesterday (18th June) on Capitol Records. The track is featured on Wallie’s new mixtape, Golden Child, out 2nd July.

The lush throwback finds Wallie effortlessly singing over a buttery beat, showcasing his one-of-a-kind flow and knack for incisive lyrics about his rise from hustling street grinder to global rap star.

‘Lamb’ comes alongside an extended run of excellence for Wallie, who dropped the low-key summertime anthem, ’03 Flow,’ in late May. The track also follows Wallie’s team-up with Detroit talent 42 Dugg on the enthralling remix of Wallie’s own hit single ‘Scandalous.’

Since the release of Wallie the Sensei’s No Love EP at the beginning of 2020, he’s quickly become a West Coast artist to watch. Respect magazine praised the ‘Scandalous’ video for showcasing Compton’s “camaraderie, hustle, and rawness,” while Rosecrans Ave highlighted Wallie’s storytelling abilities, saying he is “providing guidance to those who come after” with his pain-stricken tales. After the hit of the ‘Scandalous’ remix, Wallie the Sensei’s proved that his skyrocketing success is no fluke.

‘Lamb’ is poised to reach even more open-minded listeners. It’s an anthem for hustling Cali natives and anyone who craves a little bit of glow-up magic. Check out the video for the track below…

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