Song of the Day: Welfman – Wolf Castle

A follow up to the Apple Music-playlisted track ‘Gunna’, Canada-based Indigenous rapper/producer, Tristan Grant – aka WOLF CASTLE‘s single, ‘Welf Man’ demonstrates a blistering display of Grant’s penchant for cadence and rhythm, marrying influences drawn from Mac Miller’s LIFE, DaBaby, Tyler the Creator and Vince Staples. Thematically, the new single is a de-colonial, working-class banger all about being dope, stylish and intelligent.

“Welf” was an insult when I was in school, short for “Welfare” used to make fun of people who were poor,” explains Grant. “My family has had their struggles and so have a lot of other people where I’m from, so I wanted to make a song that said it was okay to be from that and to do what you had to do to get by. It was my way of saying “Screw you” to those people. The insult ironically also sounds like “Wealth” and I also wanted to abbreviate it to “W.E.L.F” standing for “Working Everyday Living Famous”.

‘Welf Man’ is the second installment from his forthcoming EP, ‘Da Vinci’s Inquest’ out via the Halifax, Nova Scotia label, Forward Music Group on 6th August. ‘Da Vinci’s Inquest’ follows on from his 2020 EP Gold Rush – which scored Grant nominations for two East Coast Music Awards: Rap/Hip-Hop Recording of the Year and Indigenous Artist of the Year.

Check him out below…

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