Song of the Day: Jasmine – MANX

I hope you’re ready to get really weird-out, as producer and multi-field artist Maria Nyström – aka – MANX invites you inside a tripped-out yet fruitful journey of experimental modern day trip-hops beats with single ‘Jasmine’.

Since coming on the scene in 2020 with single, Yoga While Crying’, MANX has created a claiming world based off of daydreams and heavy synesthesia that’s so lusciously comforting.

Maria states: “Suddenly I started making fiery dance tracks out of nowhere. I felt the need to inspire both myself and people around me to grow out of something, and be unapologetically alien and radically proud of it.”

Having recorded her own music since age thirteen, Maria’s creative DNA has grown into a doubtless originality that naturally ingrains every aspect of MANX. Aside from musical influences like Aphex Twin, Björk and Oklou, Maria dares to dance across unexpected genres and cultures, with a habit of messing around with both pop cultural framework as well as the expectations of listeners.

Her debut in 2019 had audiences and press sizzle over her luscious sound settings and eccentric style, calling it “addictive” and “incredibly vibey”.

‘JASMINE’ is available now via Adrian Recordings. Check out the equally tripped-out video below…

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