Song of the Day: Element & Moderate – Feverkin

Detail-focused producer FEVERKIN‘s latest single, ‘Element & Moderate’ released via the Deep Heads imprint. ‘Element & Moderate’, is the first single to be released from the record label’s new compilation, Cosmic Vibrations Vol. 4, which will be released on the 26th of May.

A composer and producer residing in Portland, Oregon, Feverkin is the musical alias of Adam Orfale. Feverkin crafts his sound by sampling, morphing, and arranging recordings of traditional instruments. Drawing inspiration from Trip Hop, Future Garage, Lofi, Jazz, and Classical music, Feverkin strikes a unique balance between melody and beat, resulting in instrumentally-driven downtempo music that is both organic, glitchy, and moody. He takes inspiration from Burial, Alaskan Tapes, and Synkro to create music in the same vein as Òlafur Arnalds, Phaeleh, and Nightmares On Wax.

The beat work of ‘Element & Moderate’ is precise and intricate. As one might expect from a Feverkin recording, an array of instruments are scattered around the production. Upright Piano and Cello are just some of the many live elements incorporated in this incredible piece, not to mention loads of floating frequencies in which to lose oneself.

Feverkin tells us about the song: “‘Element & Moderate’ is about being at a crossroads and knowing the difference between which path you want to take and which path you need to take. This song started with a nearly 10-year-old recording of my friend playing the drums in a warehouse/office space. I edited and looped a particular part that had a vibe and built the song with the beat being the focus.”

Have a listen to ‘Element & Moderate’ below…


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