Mike Body’s Album, ‘Man Myth Legend’ Offers Light After Darkness.

With each track possessing his infamous b-line, which becomes progressively heavy, MIKE BODY‘s latest mixtape, ‘Man Myth Legend’, is a collection of his appreciation for the man upstairs for all the good times after coming out of the darkness and stirring him out of trouble.

containing 11 tracks of life experiences that almost everyone encounter in their lifetime, Christian rapper Mike builds up a line-up who add nothing more than pure spice – Nynandra adds her blazing flow to the sombre bass in second track, ‘God Design’. Further down the line, singer Kendell Kelly adds a smooth soulful touch to ‘Promise’ and M.BENNETT adding his gliding flow to the vibrant guitar-led R&B production, ‘By This All I Know.’

Although he shows appreciation for the Most High, Mike Body also shows love to friends and loved-ones who showed nothing but pure love and support throughout his life. In short, Mike Body urges us to do the same through this tight EP…check it out below, plus the blog’s song recommendations below…

Must Listens: Once Upon A Time, God’s Design, Heartbreak, Grove King, Reach 4 the Stars, How Far We Come


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