Song of the Day: One of the Good Ones – Alex Ludovico

Back from nearly a year-long hiatus full of self-reflection, therapy and partial sobriety, ALEX LUDOVICO gives a scorching single entitled ‘One of the Good Ones,’ featuring Curly Castro. In this triumphant return to releasing new music, Alex laces this Jason Griff/Illmind-produced bouncy cut with socially conscious lyrics reflecting on the constant challenges of his being a black man in America and not conforming to media-driven stereotypes.

“’You’re one of the good ones’ is a phrase I heard all my life without ever really taking stock of what it meant,” explains Ludovico, “It’s a phrase used to separate people from their Blackness. When you grow up being told your interests are ‘white,’ there’s two paths you can take. You can let it make you sad or you can take a road of intellectual superiority. But both of those paths are wrong,” he continues. “Black is NWA and Black is Living Colour. Black is being loud and proud and Black is being quiet and reserved. White supremacy forces people into boxes in order for them to be defined. We will not be defined by our interests. This is a reminder to watch out for it.”

To further emphasize the point, Ludovico enlists the lyrical swords of the incomparable Curly Castro, whose rebellious wordplay has been well-documented throughout the years, most notably on his revolutionary 2021 LP, Little Robert Hutton on Backwoodz Studioz.

‘One of the Good Ones’ is the first in a series of singles Ludovico will be releasing over the next few months, leading up to his upcoming LP this Summer. This new single is available to download for free at and on all streaming platforms. Check it out below…


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