Song of the Day: One of the Good Ones – Alex Ludovico

Back from nearly a year-long hiatus full of self-reflection, therapy and partial sobriety, ALEX LUDOVICO gives a scorching single entitled ‘One of the Good Ones,’ featuring Curly Castro. In this triumphant return to releasing new music, Alex laces this Jason Griff/Illmind-produced bouncy cut with socially conscious lyrics reflecting on the constant challenges of his being a black man in America and not conforming to media-driven stereotypes.

“’You’re one of the good ones’ is a phrase I heard all my life without ever really taking stock of what it meant,” explains Ludovico, “It’s a phrase used to separate people from their Blackness. When you grow up being told your interests are ‘white,’ there’s two paths you can take. You can let it make you sad or you can take a road of intellectual superiority. But both of those paths are wrong,” he continues. “Black is NWA and Black is Living Colour. Black is being loud and proud and Black is being quiet and reserved. White supremacy forces people into boxes in order for them to be defined. We will not be defined by our interests. This is a reminder to watch out for it.”

To further emphasize the point, Ludovico enlists the lyrical swords of the incomparable Curly Castro, whose rebellious wordplay has been well-documented throughout the years, most notably on his revolutionary 2021 LP, Little Robert Hutton on Backwoodz Studioz.

‘One of the Good Ones’ is the first in a series of singles Ludovico will be releasing over the next few months, leading up to his upcoming LP this Summer. This new single is available to download for free at and on all streaming platforms. Check it out below…

Jason Griff & Alaska Team Up For First Release of 2023 ‘Pop Songs for the Apocalypse’ (Album)

Following the success of the critically acclaimed ‘Human Zoo’, JASON GRIFF and ALASKA are back with a new release, ‘Pop Songs for the Apocalypse’. released on Saturday (14th January), the new EP is 12 songs spanning just over 15 minutes and plays as one long track blended seamlessly together.

The EP was conceptually birthed from a youth spent obsessed with nuclear scares, satanic panics, revolutionary hip-hop and anarchist punk, Pop Songs for the Apocalypse drips with sarcastic cynicism and a fatalist distrust that can only come from Alaska and Jason Griff. Propelled by the breakneck neck pace of early 80s punk and the humorous venom of Ice Cube, no one is safe from being skewered, even the artists themselves. ‘Pop Songs for the Apocalypse’ is the perfect blend of “Fuck you, get off my lawn” and “We’re all gonna die so we might as well enjoy it.” These sentiments quickly become apparent on the opening song “Blowhards,” where Alaska repeatedly proclaims “I ain’t trying to hear nothing that nobody says,” and continues throughout the EP taking shots at politicians, trust fund kids and doomsday preppers alike.

‘Pop Songs for the Apocalypse’ is not on any streaming platforms and is available exclusively via and Bandcamp. In addition to digital downloads, the EP is also available on cassette. Check out the tracklist below:

  1. Blowhards
  2. No Nothing
  3. Cool as Johnny Gill
  4. Ya Uncle is a Crackhead
  5. Relay Race
  6. C & C Music Factory
  7. Welcome to Interrotron
  8. Hazmat Suits
  9. Rebel Smell
  10. Same Song
  11. Let’s Play Bohemia
  12. See Inside

Jason Griff Makes A Quick Return And Presents ‘Fireside Chats 2’ Album

A year and a half after releasing his critically-acclaimed Fireside Chats album, producer JASON GRIFF is back again with ‘Fireside Chats 2’, flipping punk rock songs into scorching beats featuring over 20 of the best artists in indie rap. Familiar voices such as Defcee and Curly Castro return on the second installment as well as new collaborations with artists like AJ Suede, Fatboi Sharif, Brian Ennals and more.

The Fireside Chats projects are inspired by Griff’s love of the punk rock scene in Chicago in the late 90s, when he often made the trip from the far reaches of the Northwest suburbs to the Fireside Bowl on Fullerton Ave. The iconic bowling alley-turned venue-turned bowling alley again is featured on the cover of the album. Griff came up with the idea to flip punk rock samples during a time when producers were so heavily leaning into flipping soul samples, and he wanted to do something he felt was new and unique to the world of sample-based hip-hop. The result was Fireside Chats.

The second instalment in the series leans more heavily into the collaborative spirit than the first. Eight of the ten songs feature more that one rapper, often highlighting fresh pairings that we have yet to hear, e.g Brian Ennals and Alex Ludovico on ‘KetaMegan’ and Bobby Noble (of PenPals) and Love, Ulysses on ‘Laser Eyes.’ The album is also fortunate to include another posthumus verse from the late Lorde Jones Scorcese, as he pairs with longtime friend and collaborator NiceyMost on the banger ‘PB & J Flow (Ode to Dipset).’ Scorcese had originally recorded the song for the first Fireside Chats, but it was withheld from the album after his passing in order to include it on Fireside Chats 2.

Also featured on this murderer’s row of indie rap talent are Ace Cannons, Teller Bank$, Billa Camp (Low Down Brass Band), King Micah the Infamous, Doampeace (DXA), Rapswell (PenPals), Alaska (Hanger 18, Def Jux), Zilla Rocca, andrew and Jesse the Tree.

Why not check out the fire collection below and the blog’s song recommendations below…

Must Listens: Seen Team, DISCMAN, PB & J Flow (Ode to Dipset), KetaMegan, Laser Eyes

Song of the Day: Friendly Song – Love, Ulysses

Following single ‘Sheesh,’ newest member of Insubordinate Records LOVE, ULYSSES is back again- this time with friends. On the ironically-titled ‘Friendly Song,’ LU enlists underground hip-hop stalwarts Alaska (Hangar 18, Def Jux) and Zilla Rocca (Wrecking Crew, Career Crooks) on another Jason Griff-produced heat-seeking missile. ‘Friendly Song’ is a high-octane fist to the face of your enemies and a few hundred extra shots of espresso in your morning coffee all rolled into one. Hard-hitting 808 drums set the tone for LU, Alaska and Zilla to attack anyone from Fred Durst stans to Twitter warriors.

Prior to joining the team at Insubordinate, LU has released a significant amount of music in his own right. He released 10 separate 2-pack EPs and has been featured on songs with OK Nice, Alaska (of Atoms Fam) and more.

‘Friendly Song’ is the second of four Jason Griff-produced singles that will be released over the next month from LU while building towards his debut LP Son this fall.

‘Friendly Song’ is available at now and also available on various streaming platforms. Check it out below…


Rapper Love, Ulysses Drops Sizzling Joint, ‘Sheesh’

Newest member of the Insubordinate Records LOVE, ULYSSES (UL) bursts onto the scene with a scorching new single for the Summer, ‘Sheesh,’ produced by Jason Griff. The beat is a sparse soundscape of heavy bass and classic 808 sounds and synths that LU skates across with ease combining wit and aggression with clever lines.

Prior to joining the team at Insubordinate, LU has released a significant amount of music in his own right. He released 10 separate 2-pack EPs and has been featured on songs with OK Nice, Alaska (of Atoms Fam) and more.

‘Sheesh’ is the first of four Jason Griff-produced singles that will be released over the next month from LU while building towards his debut LP Son this fall.

‘Sheesh’ is available at now and will also be available to stream this Friday, 22nd on all other streaming platforms.