New Release: Killer Flamingo Báy – Flamingo Báy

NEW LEASE MUSIC welcome back Canadian rock trio  FLAMINGO BAY with their latest release, Killer Flamingo Báy. The single is available now as a free download via Bandcamp – so go ahead, check it out!

If this release makes you want to rock out, then keep an eye out for their second release, Steak n’ Eggs out from 21st April.

News: Latka releases video for single The Arrival

Latka The Arrival

Canadian pop rockers LATKA first appeared on NEW LEASE MUSIC with their single The Arrival back in July. Now they released a larger-than-life video to the single – take a look – oh, look out for the cute bear (to be honest, it’s not hard to miss it!) Enjoy!

Review: A Cacophony of Toots, Hoots, Cackles and Wails – Sound Glyphics

Sound Glyphics

Rick Wren (vocals/guitar), Rick Barbosa (drums), Sarah Pottier (keyboard/vocals) and Nathan Payne (bass) – aka experimental rock band SOUND GLYPHICS – are (without a shadow of a doubt) in a league of their own. Formed in 2008 (by the two Ricks) the Canadian boundary pushers clocked up a huge fan base on no time –and this is down to the electrifying layers of high energy rock and perhaps a hint electronica and jazz – and their latest EP A Cacophony of Toots, Hoots, Cackles and Wails displays pretty much all of that.

Released last month, The EP features the chaotic Disaster and the equally-chaotic Don’t Forget the Time, where you’re exposed to a roaring crash of the guitars, drums and keyboard coupled with the pleasantly-wailing vocals. Think of school kids testing out different musical instruments for the time first – but I tell you something it really hits the spot! White Rhino is slightly different; although it still possesses their off-beat and explosive stamp on rock, it’s somewhat a little more melodic and this is where the strong vocals are most welcomed.

If you really love experimental music, you better check these guys out! To find out more about SOUND GLYPHICS, pop over to their website. For now, have a blast at Don’t Forget the Time.