Review: Lingo Crazy – TwanDoe

Twandoe Lingo Crazy

1. Powermove ft. Slim Kushy
2. No Need To Brag ft. Roro
3. Michael Jordan ft. Slim Kushy
4. The Truth ft. King Pimpin
5. Waffle House ft.  Juice, Kushy Slim
6.  Pop That Pussy 4 Me ft. Dneak, Slimy Kushy
7. Bands Just To Blow ft. Roro, Slimy Kushy
8. Sucka Free ft. Slim Kushy
9.  I Neva Fuk Wit Lamez ft. Yung West, Slim Kushy
10. 100 Bandz ft. King Pimpin
11. My City ft. Roro
12. Back To The Basics
13. My Choppa Speaks ft. Slim Kushy
14. Trust No Nigga Trust No Hoes ft. Block
15. Today Is A Good Day ft. Slim Kushy
16. Outro

TWANDOE is the next best thing with his label Serve Camp Entertainment. Taking  underground hip hop by storm, he uses heavenly laid back, car hopping beats with (at times) electric-effect raps. Electronic-effects raps? Well have a listen to his 16-track mixtape, Lingo Crazy, released this month.

Such electronic raps, are featured in Back  To The Basics, Trust No Nigga Trust No Hoes and Today Is A Good Day. These tracks feature angelic/heavenly melodies and with the full-bodied and rough raps, somehow they all make good listening.

I Neva Fuk Wit Lamez is definitely the one to listen, as this smooth spaced out production features layers upon layers of awkward, slightly-out-of-time raps in the chorus. This track just shows why he’s such a big hit in the underground hip hop scene.

To check out Lingo Crazy, head right here

Review: The Artist – Brad


2. U.O.E.N.O Freestyle
3. Under Control
4. Get Your Freak On Freestyle
5. Practice
6. Blessed
7. Too Alive
8. BRAD City
9. No Church  In the Wild
10. R.I.P Freestyle
11. Train Freestyle

Timmal Bradford aka BRAD is more than determined to break the mould of traditional hip-hop influences though his mixtape The Artist, released last month.

If you’re unfamiliar with this Mississippi-bred rapper expect original and witty wordplay with rollercoaster raps that dip and grooves into an assortment of sit-up-and-take-note beats.

This 11 track mixtape features some seriously  easy cursing productions:  Pray, Under Control and Practice. With these tracks, this guy confidently raps that he’s a cut above the rest. The Artist heats up with Get Your Freak On Freestyle and BRAD City, where his rollercoaster freestyling is really evident. But the hot tracks of the mixtape have got to be the super smooth Too Alive, Train Freestyle and the funky R.I.P Freestyle.  

I have to be honestly here: time after time I’ve heard rappers go on about how they’re the next best thing– but in reality they don’t cut the mustard. BRAD is different, as The Artist mixtape just proves that this guy is the ‘Mozart of hip-hop’ and is definitely staying in the hip hop game for a long while – CHECK IT OUT here (highly recommended)