New Lease Music’s Top Ten Music Videos of 2018

10. Get Up Dad – Mike Body

9. Letter Back – K Koke

8. Don’t Know Nothing – Quincy

7. Pen Game 2 Challenge – J.Kas

6. Make Circles – Croatia

5.  Revvin’  – Ocean Wisdom (ft. Dizzee Rascal)

4. More – Astha

3. All In (Summer Song) – Xav A

2.  So Gone – Raylo

1. Darling – Nambyar (ft. Full Crate)

Song of the Day: Knuckle Up – Dillon Cooper

This will level you out for the weekend…today’s song is Knuckle Up by hip-hop upriser DILLON COOPER.

In  the past year, the American rapper has made a name for himself after the release of his debut mixtape Cozmik, generating a steadyfanbase across the States, Australia, Europe, and the UK.The lyricist heavily draws inspiration from the boom bap rap/hip hop from the 90’s and has been compared to CHANCE THE RAPPER  and JOEY BADA$$.

So go ahead, check it out…and if you’re really digging this track, there’s a mixtape coming out very soon.

Song of the Day: The Knocks – Modern Hearts (Andi Herzog Remix)

Andi Herzog Positive energy

There’s no better way to start off your weekend…so open your ears to ANDY HERZOG‘s spin on THE KNOCK’s single Modern Hearts. The track is coming his third remix tape, Positive Energy.

Born in Russia, now living in Germany, this EDM producer starting experimenting with beats from the age of eight and by the age of was 15, he started producing and releasing remixes, leading up to the release of his remix tapes, Lil Bro Remix Vol. 1 in 2010 and Long Nights Short Days in 2012.

In the latest project, Positive Energy, Herzog was not afraid of pushing EDM to the absolute limit – he fuses the genre with pop, hip-hop and reggae – worth a listen.

Modern Hearts got the hot spot as it features that dense bassline that will make you want to hit the dance floor – even if you’re not in the mood – so check it out. If you’re feeling this track, pop over to his SoundCloud page and have a blast with his remix tapes.

Say hi to the guy @AndiHerzog
To find out more about ANDI HERZOG visit |

Oh, just in case you want to hear the original, here it is: