Song of the Day: Edge Of The Cliff – Amor Fatiii

Amor Fatiii


Today’s song is Edge Of The Cliff by AMOR FATIII. The track will be a part of his upcoming EP Black Sheep.

From the age of nine, this Tennessee-born hip upriser started rapping after being inspired by BOW WOW’s debut album, Beware of Dog. So he started churning out tracks in hope of grabbing a huge fanbase. So there you have it – listen to Edge Of the Cliff. This track definitely deserves a trial as this hip hopper’s laid back, NAS-esque raps just cruises through the relaxing-in-the-summer production – go on, just take a moment and listen to this guy.

If you’re feeling this track, there’s plenty more over his SoundCloud page – seriously it’s worth a visit!

Star Song: Dreggae – Lights Low (FdX remix)

Dreggae Lights Low

I am proud to present the first ever reggae track to have grace NEW LEASE MUSIC – Lights Low.

Known as the ‘unsigned’ legend by his fans, DREGGAE is the master  of mixing reggae with hip hop, drum and bass and dubstep. Jamaican-born DREGGAE moved to Atlanta where his musical journey  started whilst studying at Southern Georgia University . Teaming up with fellow classmate Peezy (forming the duo T.E.F.L.O.N.) they experimented and created a signature sound of reggae and hip-hop in their dorm room. He went on to join forces with musician ECG to win The Tupac Shakur Foundation back in 2009. Two years later, he released his LP The Unsigned Legend, which clocked up a huge fan base across the globe, with the tracks, We Rep JA (feat Kardinal Offishall) and It’s Not Over.

Have a listen to Lights Low and you’ll know why he’s dubbed ‘the unsigned legend’. The reggae/drum and bass /hip-hop infused production just displays that this guy is a cut above the rest. Truly a breath of fresh air!

If you’re feeling  Lights Low, head over to DREGGAE’s SoundCloud page, where you can hear more of his innovative tracks.

Young Johnnie Handsome – Born II Win


I feel there’s definitely something missing from the music industry today – and that’s good old fashion hip-hop. Upcomer Rashid Hall, better known by stage name Young Johnny Handsome is not afraid to bring back that missing hard-hitting hip-hop with his debut EP, Born II Win. The leading song, Sucka MC’s, produced by big time producers the Dream Team, is jam packed with head nodding, infectious beats coupled with super fast rapping and quick-witted-straight talking lyrics, which definitely brings me back to LL Cool J in his heyday.

The leading single certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. Since the release of Sucka MC’s, Young Johnnie Handsome has rapidly gained a solid fan base and has already been widely compared to an early Nas (Hmmm, not sure about that – he definitely reminds me of a young LL Cool J). Things are quickly gaining momentum for the 25 year old – his video to Sucka MC’s was featured on a host a music websites, including Hot ’97 and has caught attention of a string of mainstream producers.

So what’s the next step for Young Johnny Handsome? With thousands of screaming fans and big producers knocking (no scrap that) BANGING at his door, who knows – anything is possible for this New Jersey rapper. Maybe this time next year (or even sooner), his forthcoming singles will become a very firm fixture in the charts.  So just remember the name – YOUNG JOHNNIE HANDSOME.