Album review: Barnegat – Tdel2

TDEL21. Counting Tress and USBs
2. Fearless Youth
3. Valves & Sneakers
4. Kenwood
5. Two Systems
6. Greta
7. In Your Mind
8. Selection Sunday
9. Running
10. Tulips
11. Neon Keys
12. All I Know
13. There, the Morning Light

The man behind TDEL2, Tony DeLuca has released his debut full-length album Barnegat last month, which offers 13 tracks of beautifully-complex melodies, mixing acoustic with electronic elements with, on occasions, feather-light vocals.

Although Barnegat is an  electronic indie rock production, I couldn’t help notice a hint of perhaps 80’s pop chucked in there, which kind of remind me of A-HA, NEW ORDER and DURAN DURAN rolled into one.

Barnegat starts off easing into the pleasantly-light/feel-good Counting Trees and & USBs and the equally fresh Fearless Youth, where the occasional crisp,  A-HA-esque vocals floats throughout these songs. The album also features  instrumental tracks Kenwood (where you’re greeted with the lo-fi melody then suddenly hit with the raging guitars); electro pop, Two Systems, Greta and In Your Mind. I felt these tracks would benefit from that refreshingly light vocals featured in Counting Trees & USBs and Fearless Youth.

Barnegat regained its high with 80’s inspired electro pop  Running ( the crisp and now echoic vocals returns, which is much welcomed) and the dauntingly-light, attention-grabbing Neon Keys.

Overall Barnegat, makes pleasant listening. The album takes you on a rollercoaster journey with well produced, 80’s -influenced soothing mixture of high/low melodies.

To find out more about Tony DeLuca, take a trip to his website.