New Track: Caroline – Shaefri

‘Caroline’ definitely hits a raw nerve with London-based singer/songwriter SHAEFRI. With atmospheric soundcapes coupled with the stunningly soft/heartfelt vocals, the latest single tells the story of witnessing someone close hitting the self-destruct button – and feeling powerless to save them.

On her most personal release to date, SHAEFRI explains: “I wrote Caroline the day after I received a phone call saying someone close to me was in hospital after overdosing. I cried the whole day but I was also so angry with her for letting it happen. I was so afraid for her life. I felt guilty for not being there when it had happened, that I couldn’t stop her from doing it, and no longer being able to help. Every time it happens, there’s less of a person left to put back together.”

Following the success of previous releases, ‘Pixelate’, ‘Monster, ‘Rabbit Hole’, and ‘Give It All’, SHAEFRI has seen an influx of support from Clash, DIY, and Hattie Pearson at Radio X, whilst her unique brand of haunting vocals and minimalistic beats have seen sold-out performances at venues, such as The Old Blue Last and Notting Hill Arts Club.

‘Caroline’ is the last installment of her EP ‘Cracks’…have a listen to this powerful piece…


EP Review: Missing Pieces – Sleeplust

Four-piece band SLEEPLUST put their new-found sound to the test through their latest EP, ‘Missing Pieces’, released last month.

Unlike their previous self-titled EP, which possess a carefree combo of electro pop/rock, ‘Missing Pieces’ boasts a rich downtempo (ish)/electronica drive, making it more of a hypnotic affair.

That deep electro-bass unapologetically takes the stage and goes all in with the introductory effort, ‘Flood Gates,’ before easing up in the following tracks, ‘Organized Mess’, ‘Lights’ and ‘Tiny Raindrops.’

The pot of gold is, by far, the concluding offering ‘Forever and Always’, where their infamous drive is stripped away, making way for an intimate acoustic setting that will helplessly draw in any listener; a great way to end an EP.

Gotta say their decision to shift towards an emotive sound is a massive plus and I reckon this little package will resonate with people who really appreciate good music. Have a listen for yourself.

Must Listens: Flood Gates, Tiny Raindrops, Forever and Always.

Upcoming Release: I Need You – Slowes

Slowes I Need You

Merging their profound love for alternative psychedelic pop with the dreamy sounds of chillwave, Danish duo SLOWES is set to release  their silky smooth single I Need You.

Featuring textured lo-fi vocals, bold retro keys and an infectious yet simplistic chorus which sonically mirrors the outburst of the lyrics, the track has all the ingredients for a piece of alt-pop perfection. An intimate, personal track with a nostalgic feel, set to be accompanied by fitting DIY visuals.

Jack Kilburn (vocals) and Anders Hamann (drums) formed Slowes in 2015 under the initial name More, pooling their significant talents to craft a well-defined soundscape that sees them combine effective piano chords, head-nodding beats, phased-out synths and reflective vocal melodies. The release of their first single in February of this year – the dreamy ballad Sweet – gained the approval of Indie Shuffle and racked up over 10,000 plays during the track’s first week. Now, I Need You – recorded and co-produced by Christian Alex Petersen, the man behind Danish success stories such as Mew, Virgin Suicide and the much-hyped LISS – looks set to propel them to ever greater heights.

With the wheels already in motion for their live set, the band will perform at Copenhagen’s Trailerpark Festival at the end of July, as well as playing a summer gig at the city’s Pumpehuset in August, hosted by Bitchslap Magazine and Silvertip Agency. Following this, they will make their London debut at The Social on November 1st ahead of the release of their debut EP in early 2017.

Straddling the line between organic pop and chillwave, I Need You is a commendable testament to Slowes’ burgeoning signature sound, and will mark the duo as one of their country’s freshest exports.

I Need You will be released this Friday…for now, have a listen to the single.

EP Review: Supersize Everything – Futuro

supersize Everything Futuro


Daniel Ahlgren, Marcus Dennerstedt and Andreas Säfström -aka- FUTURO – have perfectly signed off the year with their latest release, Supersize Everything.

The EP features the Swedish trio’s contemporary spin on the good old 80’s style synth pop, drawing inspiration from Empathy Test, Royksopp, Chvrches… and maybe a hint of A-Ha. A great addition to any new waver’s music collection.

#TheMustListens: Panorama (check out the video here), Forever Delayed

Supersize Everything is now available on iTunes.


Song of the Day: Consequences – Soho Kings

soho king consequencesPop/hip-hop duo SOHO KINGS is keeping the singles coming and heating up for a big summer. Their newest Consequences is another ambitiously epic, aggressive Rap/Pop track with that hard-hitting yet catchy sonics that they are known for.

If you’re the Big Apple and feeling their sound, be sure to swing through PIANO’S (158 Ludlow St) TOMORROW for a special FREE midnight show with the legendary DJ Rob Swift. A free Soho Kings bandana for the first 50 through the door – BE QUICK!!!


Album review: Barnegat – Tdel2

TDEL21. Counting Tress and USBs
2. Fearless Youth
3. Valves & Sneakers
4. Kenwood
5. Two Systems
6. Greta
7. In Your Mind
8. Selection Sunday
9. Running
10. Tulips
11. Neon Keys
12. All I Know
13. There, the Morning Light

The man behind TDEL2, Tony DeLuca has released his debut full-length album Barnegat last month, which offers 13 tracks of beautifully-complex melodies, mixing acoustic with electronic elements with, on occasions, feather-light vocals.

Although Barnegat is an  electronic indie rock production, I couldn’t help notice a hint of perhaps 80’s pop chucked in there, which kind of remind me of A-HA, NEW ORDER and DURAN DURAN rolled into one.

Barnegat starts off easing into the pleasantly-light/feel-good Counting Trees and & USBs and the equally fresh Fearless Youth, where the occasional crisp,  A-HA-esque vocals floats throughout these songs. The album also features  instrumental tracks Kenwood (where you’re greeted with the lo-fi melody then suddenly hit with the raging guitars); electro pop, Two Systems, Greta and In Your Mind. I felt these tracks would benefit from that refreshingly light vocals featured in Counting Trees & USBs and Fearless Youth.

Barnegat regained its high with 80’s inspired electro pop  Running ( the crisp and now echoic vocals returns, which is much welcomed) and the dauntingly-light, attention-grabbing Neon Keys.

Overall Barnegat, makes pleasant listening. The album takes you on a rollercoaster journey with well produced, 80’s -influenced soothing mixture of high/low melodies.

To find out more about Tony DeLuca, take a trip to his website.

Star Song: Dear Molly – Carmireli

Carmireli - dear mollyHigh energy Dear Molly is the latest single by singer CARMIRELI. The New Yorker has been on the music scene since the age of 18, working with music producer Tony Gross the founder GFI Music and Castle Nine Entertainment.

Now she’s signed up with Max Gousse’s new record label Artistry Entertainment Worldwide. Gousse, an ex- Def Jam Recording executive who worked with BEYONCE and P.DIDDY, saw a host of You Tube videos of CARMIRELI covering mainstream songs. He liked what he heard and BANG – Dear Molly was born!  Since its release the electro-pop dance floor filler has received untold amount of attention across the internet.

Dear Molly is CARMIRELI’s first release single from Artistry Entertainment Worldwide. It got me going, so it’ll be interesting to hear her future stuff! Check it out!

Star Song: Breathe Audio – All My Sins

Breathe Audio

Today’s song is from Jack Bicknell and Nick Proudlock, otherwise known as BREATHE AUDIO. The British duo started out in late 2012, bringing their very unique infusion of indie pop and electronic and perhaps a little soft rock to the scene. Their signature sound was well-received as in their short existence, the indie act was fully booked for live shows around Manchester.

In February, they released their uplifting 80’s inspired pop track Born Again available on SoundCloud – and there’s no stopping BREATHE AUDIO as they churned out another equally uplifting indie pop/electronic creation, All My Sins. So what’s the next for these guys? Well they’ve locked themselves away in their ‘home studio’, writing and producing incomparable productions – and the plan is to release a single every six weeks. So maybe there’s an album in the pipeline? That depends on you! Go on, show your appreciation and have a listen to All My Sins – because good original music starts right here!