NEAVV Unveils Her Stunning Debut, ‘Want You’

Canadian alternative synth-pop artist, songwriter and producer NEAVV‘s debut single, ‘Want You’, is an emotional and honest song based on the end of her relationship with someone who wasn’t being completely honest at the time. ‘Want You’ is a snapshot of what she was feeling at the time and although she knew she deserved better, NEAVV was still struggling with wanting and missing that person.

Speaking on the emotive piece NEAVV says: “Loss can be pretty complex when it comes to the emotions you feel, but at the core of it all for me is sadness. I just hope listeners find a place to sit in whatever emotions come up for them and know that any loss is hard – and it’s ok to not be ok.”

Want You is the first single off NEAVV’s forthcoming album. Have a listen below…

Jamie Beale Shares Tantalising Debut Single ‘Borderline’, Taken From Upcoming Album

Taken from his upcoming debut album, expected for release later this year, Bristol-based songwriter JAMIE BEALE‘s debut single ‘Borderline’, sure hits like a sugar rush. The track – an enchanting blend of indie-rock, dream-pop and acid-funk- boasts dewy guitar textures, soaring harmonies and synth-laden soundscapes backed by the shuffling drums and tantalising grooves.

‘Borderline’ was written during the winter lockdown in the middle of an increasingly isolated period of his life. His relationship was coming to an end, he was alone in lockdown and his music and touring career within Novatines was looking uncertain, along with his idea of a future within music at all.

Speaking about the time, Beale states: “I was spending the majority of my time living in a hazy dreamworld, searching for something positive to hold onto, I felt that no matter what, I still had me and my own personal freedom of mind, and there was something comforting about that. Somewhere between my partially self-induced cabin fever madness and a sense of unshakable positivity in an unusual time, I wrote Borderline. I guess it’s a song for people with nowhere to go, and how not knowing where you belong isn’t always a bad thing.”

As vocalist and songwriter of rock band Novatines, Jamie has an array of musical achievements already under his belt, having toured the UK and Europe extensively as well as receiving national airplay on stations such as BBC Radio 2, 6 and Radio X. Have a listen to the tantalising ‘Borderline’ below…

Song of the Day: Celestial Body – Maidin

MAIDIN presents her debut single, ‘Celestial Body’, which showcases her impassioned vocals soaring over melancholic acoustic guitars, echoing harmonies, and velvety-laced soundscapes that gently seduce and envelop the listener for an immersive and heart-wrenching experience.

‘Celestial Body’ details a love that’s just out of reach and a longing to be with someone that you ultimately can’t have. Maidin confides, “the first idea for ‘Celestial Body’ came to me on a beach in July, when the moon was out in the middle of the day. It’s a really unsettling thing to see, as I’m sure most people know. I started thinking of the image of a “celestial body” to represent somebody who I would’ve liked to be close with, but this person was keeping me at a distance. A celestial body is something beautiful, that you can admire and love from far away, but you can’t ever reach. Melodically and musically, the song seemed to come out of thin air.”

Drawing influences from the likes of songwriting powerhouses Joni Mitchell and Dolly Parton, along with experimental pop musicians St. Vincent and Sylvan Esso, Maidin aims to create music that captures the vivid storytelling of folk music with a fresh and modern alternative pop sound. Her upcoming releases detail coming-of-age relationships and all the relatable emotions that go hand-in-hand with experiencing love, loss, yearning, and grief. 

Have a listen to the stunning single below…

Song of the Day: The Door – IMVN

IMVN‘s (pronounced Iman) debut offering ‘The Door’ is a down-tempo, brooding and left-field blend of R&B and electronic music, with the North West London songbird’s melodious vocals glide effortlessly throughout punctuated by harmonic layering and reverb rich moments.

Speaking on ‘The Door’, IMVN says:

“The Door is low-key. It exudes a mental state of indifference. It’s spoken from the perspectives of two people, one who doesn’t want responsibilities and lives in the moment; the other, who’s waiting to be taken seriously and not feel used by others. The Door is a conflict between two incompatible characters who haven’t yet realised it.”

Sonically influenced by the likes of Kate Bush, Mariah Carey and RY X, from a young age IMVN was encouraged by her mother to write songs during the summer holidays. It was these early moments of introspection and dedication to her creativity that she honed her ability to write honestly and relatably. Now at 21 years old and a former dance student, IMVN is most influenced by the unpredictable nature of life – with her music and visuals representing a hybrid of the world around us, ever evolving. A careful and considered artist, everything IMVN creates is done with the utmost care and thought.

Have a listen to her debut below…

R&B/Pop Artist Ellie Byers Shares Debut Single, ‘Role Play.’

Newcomer ELLIE BYERS may well pull a few heartstrings with her debut, ‘Role Play’ as the smooth, toe tingling afterhours single is universally relatable when it comes to relationships.

The UK R&B/pop songbird says of her debut: “Role Play is a very personal song to me. It’s about pretending to be what you think your partner needs and wants, in an effort to keep a floating relationship afloat – even if it means sacrificing who you really are.”

Through her debut, Ellie hopes those in a familiar situation, will find solace and overcome that feeling of being second best to their partner.

‘Role Play’ is the first release from Ellie’s upcoming debut EP ‘Too Far Gone,’ slated for release in late 2022. Have a listen to ‘Role Play’ below…